How do I add my Events to this site?

Since the site is new, we are only receiving the events via the contact us page. If you want to post your event on our site send us the following information:

  • Title of th Event
  • Detail Description of the Event (Prices, rules, invitational introduction, specifics of your event, etc)
  • Time and Date of the Event
  • Location Name with Address (use Google Maps to be accurate on your address)
  • Organizer’s Name (who is organizing the event)
  • Any Link for more information about your event
  • Registration Forms (unless you have it on the link provided above)
  • Event Cost (primary fee without any discounts)
  • Type of Event (Seminar, Tournament, Training, etc)

Please do not send private or events that are only for your students. This site will promote events that will invite everyone.

How much is to list my event?

Adding or sending us the event to be listed on this site is completely FREE!

If adding or sending events are Free why I see prices?

The price you see on the Center Home Page and at the bottom Right Side of the page are for those organizers that will like to have more exposure of their events. More visual for the visitors and also to support the site. The price is per banner for example if you want to have 2 batters ( one center and one on the bottom right) you pay $6.00.

Adding your banner event is not required to be listed on the site. You can still send us a flyer with your event and that is still free.